I just started working in a jewelry store in North beach, a very cool Italian neighborhood of San Francisco.

I love the store merchandising, stacks of bracelets, necklaces layered, pendants, chains, knuckledusters, earrings... The owner Natalee is very trendy, and a designer herself, with a good eye for jewelry and what will sell.

They also have bags, including designer Bryna Nicole who has been featured in many magazines, including Lucky, Allure, Elle, and people..... Best part is that they are practical, (not that that usually sells me) and they can be worn many different ways. All the big bags fold over in half and the little clutches have a detail on the front that you can put your hand between as a handle.

Adorna Bella Website
Bryna Nicole Website

Oh and heres a picture of inside the store, to show how pretty it is....


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