Bush and Taylor

Bush and Taylor is the cross road I live on In San Francisco..... Just over a week ago I shot with photographer Genisis, and model Beckysue who I shot with before out on Treasure Island.

We divided the shoot up into two parts, we did a 70s style outfit on the Rooftop of my building, which yes is not allowed, and then the second part two blocks away at the gorgeous Grace cathedral (photos coming soon), both locations Id wanted to shoot at for ages.

There's a really good view from our roof, and I thought it would be a nice memory of my building when I leave.

I spent the entire part of the shoot running up and down the stairs to make sure nobody took the pearl and gold chain necklace of the door, which was the only thing stopping us from being locked up there for good

I have wanted to shoot those trousers for forever! They are my favourite pair, that I bought In Thailand for a small fortune in Thai terms, and I rarely get to wear them.


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