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I started my blog over two years ago, the concept was new, it was something not highly used in Ireland especially but also in the UK.

Hat designer Deanna Gibbons introduced me to the idea of blogging and whilst I thought this was a great idea I wanted a concept I was truly behind and something that I felt had direction.

Once I started styling a few months later I decided that I would revolve my blog around that. I worked as a stylist for 8 months and after this the concept then died when I moved back to Ireland.

The idea has batted around in my brain for a while now I really needed to feel a justification for what I wrote, I thought up new ideas, for example a travel and fashion blog, as I travel so often, but felt that wasn't enough.
Originally the blog idea was as a outsider trying to fit in in San Francisco. A concept, that I could still use now as I live in London. However this didn't feel quite 'me' and I wanted something more relaxed.
Its hard be a blogger, the idea appeals to me but also puts me off in the same breath, how do you get interest? Who really is listening, and when everyone now has a blog, is hard to find someone who wants direction rather than giving direction?

Now I have decided not to focus on the niche but on my interest, whether that be travel, hunting the internet for bargains, new purchases, or what inspires me. To write freely as if nobody is listening and to gain and confidence in my writing and my love for fashion.
I love good quality, good value and cheap fashion finds so I am going to post ideas on this.
I will also post more than fashion, to include my inspiration, from travel to clothes and I will also look at more homeware, something my appreciation has grown for now that I work in a home department.

So here it begins...


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