Another Christmas present, these gorgeous boots with detailing such as a green plaid lining, three tones of leather and a ankle strap.

Adding to my huge collection of boots is surprisingly hard to do as even though I practically live in boots I am quite particular. I have found most of my boots abroad, three favourites coming from Milan, Prague and Lisbon.

The reason why I buy my boots in European cities is that leather is pretty much a standard and doesn't need to be sought after, and that they are far more reasonable than the £100-£200 that the UK and Ireland demands for a pair of decent boots.

These are from Timberland, a place I would never have thought to look in personally. Previously when I thought of Timberland I imagined walking jackets, outdoors gear and hiking boots. Not somewhere I would frequent, but I've done a complete 360. My friends were just as surprised, although my parents were not at all, so perhaps in future I should ask them...


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