Summer Layering

Summer layering:

I know its summer so we should make the most of it, but on some days (especially the unpredictable UK days) I love a bit of summer layering.

Most recently on my visit to Oxford.

I wore my Missoni dress, layered with a H&M white knit tunic, belted with my boyfriends light yellow woven leather belt and paired it with my animal print faux suede wedges. Finished with a lime green river Island clutch and gold necklace.

Very 70's inspired, not to matchy, with different prints and colours that just work. Also a casual outfit for day or night that isn't plain or trying to hard.

The H&M top I bought last week, however its not available on line, so check in your nearest store.

Buy the shoes here - George @ Asda

As for the Missoni dress, well mine came from the US as a gift from my parents a few years back, but pair with any loose fit printed dress, especially if it has a sparkle or a works the pastel trend like mine below.



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