The beginning

I decided to chart my move from Ireland to San Francisco in the attempt to gain experience in the fashion industry.

I have always loved styling, and dressing up, the way I see it is who doesn’t, and I always swore to myself since a young age that I would work in a job that I liked.

I am still unsure of my direct path in retail (and in fact how direct it will be) but there are many areas that interest me and that I feel I could contribute too. One example is styling, as you will see from some of my posts. Another is buying, a suggestion made to me on a trip to San Francisco when I was sixteen, mass shopping I thought, this sounds like my kind of job. 

I moved to San Francisco in August 2009, why San Francisco, well I found LA and NY cliche but also and intimidating, and I have always had such a connection with San Francisco, its a familiar place to me.

One thing you will notice about me is that I am extremely interested in the behind the scenes- the idea of all the work that goes into that finished product, that, to me, makes it so intriguing.

This blog is my story, a move from one culture and norms, into a totally different way of thinking and industry, and believe me there are many differences between Ireland and USA, and between being a student and a Stylist.

*** One thing I love Ireland for- Giving me a accent that everyone comments on.
       One thing I love the US for- the ability to do anything, say anything and be anyone. ***


  1. Aine, you are a great stylist and because all your hard work, our shoot was a huge hit! You see all that comments on my blog? I've never had so many comments on my blog even on our wedding work. Anyway, bravo to your hard work and I DO LOVE YOUR ACCENT!!!! Keep up the good work! If you do need any thing in general, or have questions about living the USA, just give me a call. XOXOXOXOXO!

  2. Awww i only just saw this!!!

    Thanks my love!!! It was so much fun working with you too- When can I work with you again?? Please tell me I dont have to wait til April!!! Thanks- I will do!!!




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