Going Nude

New shoes! A Christmas present from my boyfriend Jamie, which I love! They will go with absolutely everything, and nude shoes is a complete must for all wardrobes. No excuses....

This particular pair are from Stylist pick. I adore their website, it is everything good about online shopping... cheap, well made, well designed, well packaged and a fun, unique concept!

If you have never got around to checking them out, now is the time, you click onto their site, they have a 'quiz' that you complete which consists of clicking through their photos of celebrities and selecting whose style you relate to most, and then at the end they personalise a page for you that shows you all the shoes and accessories that are tailored to your selected colours, moods and style!

Their packaging is really pretty, a black box, black bow and shoes individually wrapped in tissue, with the stylist pick logo imprinted, photo below. I didn't manage to get a photo before opening due to my sheer excitement...

Website link as follows:



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