Conscious Clothes

The fashion industry is ever changing and ever competitive. People have more social awareness and compassion. Nobody likes to hear that their clothes are made in far fetched countries by people paid 1p a day. Nor do we like makeup that's been tested on animals. Although we would all like to believe that our favourite high street brands actually want to make a positive impact on the environment, we cannot deny the fact that this will be a USP and a positive direction for their brand. The fashion world is evolving at a constant speed and whoever doesn't keep up is out of the race, they need to offer something else to their consumers, something that makes us feel like we have contributed by entering this process with them. They also need to be a step ahead of their competitors.

Take H&M fashion conscious range. H&M are now producing a range that offers products that don't drop their standards in the fashion stakes, but are goods that are made from organic materials as they work towards a more ''sustainable future''. The campaign is fronted by Hollywoods sweetheart Vanessa Paradis, who has a wholesome and conservative appeal, to complete the package.

Whatever their motives- its an excellent step forward and lets face it we would all rather have 100% cotton than a cotton polyester mix.

From H&Ms collection here is our favourite picks, and they are really reasonably priced. The items selected vary from £9.99 to £29.99.....


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