The importance of detailing


Don't under estimate the importance of detailing. Every one appreciates the clean white shirt, but sometimes the softest of details and styling creates a fantastic image! Take here, a purple jumper I bought at Christmas from Brown Thomas in Dublin quite a few years back (its aging well). It has delicate lace high Victorian neckline and the fabric is soft wool.

I paired with light pink lips, purple stud earrings and jeans. To create a light pink lips I shied away from the normal light pink lipstick as it can be to harsh on light skin. I actually use Kiehls lip balm and then I put Sephora red gloss lipstick on my bottom lip only, decreasing the intensity and overall impact. I left my locks au natural, which for me is always wavy (how manageable these waves are vary from day to day)!

Its a simple understated look but it looks delicate and feminine!

Zara are always good for items like this, cream and white floaty tops with a lace neckline:

Oh and find the links and pictures for the lip balm and lipstick below, to help create the perfect pale pink lips :)


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