Label Lab

Label lab is my new favorite.

Think all saints but not trying so hard and slightly less 'grungey' and more mature. The colours are the same... beiges, greys, maroons, blacks. You can also draw similarities in their designs, such as wrapped cardigans, heavy knits, leather jackets, tailored and long bohemian dresses. The price point however is better.

Introduced to me by my mother who sent me their name and a link about a year ago, today was the first time I actually viewed the collection, and tried it on. Its a good fit, true to sizing and they have good sale items that aren't in any way damaged, with beading hanging off or the likes.

Available at house of Fraser.

Label Lab at House of Fraser

Favorite 4 pieces below:

Twist Knit Jersey
Brocade skirt
Chunky polo neck jumper
Brandy check dress


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