The Online Basket

Talking today about how web teams can see how many people put their items in their basket but never follow through with the sale. We questioned why this would be and what could put them off.

For me I suggested the fact where I work we only have a "basket" option and not a "save for later". This, to me, is of elementary importance when shopping online. Half the items that go in my basket I have little intention of buying, but I also have little interest in trawling back through 6 pages of sale items to decide I actually do wish to commit to. Websites like amazon and asos allow you to put items in your basket OR save them for later and think it over.

I am a think it over person, (often, I admit to my disadvantage).

No Save for later = using your basket as a storage, and I believe a lot of people have no intention of going through with the purchase. What they actually want is to:
1) store for later
2) see delivery options/prices
3) Or alternatively some people want the high of "pretending" to buy

I guess when it comes to shopping online, there are ever increasing choice and options. You can find some retailers stock the same supplier, allowing you to check more than one website for not only the lowest price but the best deal over all. For example if I see River island on asos I check the River island website first before complete the purchase with asos. Taking into account delivery charges, efficiency of ordering, some websites are more prone to discount codes, the picture displayed often varies, and so on.

The consumer is in control and the retailer has to ensure the purchase is as easy and as commitment and thought free as possible.


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