Bling Bling Baby

I go through phases with jewelry, one week I like chunky necklaces the next statement earrings. During the day I like to keep it quite understated. However one thing I always love is stacks of rings!

When I worked in San Francisco I worked in a Jewelry store in North Beach called Adorna Bella (Its recently been re branded and renamed by the owner and is now called Gemologee). When I worked there the owner (and one of the designers) Natalee used to stack up lots of rings, golds, and slivers, and it looked great.

I personally am more of a gold person, especially when it comes to necklaces. Silver does nothing for me as its too cold. But I do love stacking rings, and bracelets, in both gold and silver. As below, Ive paired a 3 skinny rings, one with a stone and 2 with symbols. Then a thicker bronze band which is embellished with tiny stones, finished off with a gold cuff, and pastel nails!

Try today, and don't go too matchy matchy!

Oh and check out Gemologees facebook page by clicking HERE. 


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