Crazy for orange!

How do you feel about orange lipstick?

I am just a little bit nutty about it. It warms the skin tone and looks great with brown or auburn hair. It goes with greens, blues, greys and also clashes in a good way with other bright colours and orange palettes, so it doesn't narrow down the outfit choices. I love orange as I have blue eyes, but it goes equally well with brown and green eyes.

I never wear orange much in clothing but I do appreciate it in makeup as it suits my colouring, like blushers, bronzers, lipsticks and eyeshadows.

I still remember when I was sixteen and visiting San Francisco and I went into Mac. The makeup artist couldn't have been more excited about using orange eyshadow, and how it would go with my blue eyes.  I bought it immediately and she was right, I wore that eyeshadow to death afterwards. After all I was 16, who else that age ever thought to wear orange eyeshadow at that age? ;)

I recommend Mac and Sephora for lipstick, both offer good matt and high shine formats. I have had the same orange Sephora lipstick over and over for about 5 years! Pictured above and below, it looks like a orangey/red in some lights...

My last lipstick post was all about the plum colour, but dial that down now its Spring/ Summer. Orange is a great lipstick for day time and night time, its casual and surprisingly understated.

Try it out soon,


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