Make like vintage

I am starting to love interior decorating as much as fashion. I love mixing colour palettes and themes and bringing a ethnic culture to a house or room. I'm constantly thinking up ideas for interiors and displays.

I collect photos and postcards from around Europe, I love what plants bring too a room and mostly I love just wood and good old white!

I decorated my room last summer and I constantly add pieces to it the whole time, that I source abroad, from work or just around London. I painted the room a bright Matt white. I have 3 large windows that take up one wall, and I painted the window frame eu de nil. This makes it the central focal point in the room, without being overpowering. I put a printed throw over the sofa, added a brown wooden bench and a metal cream 'garden' chair. The furniture is all white and then I have created a country cottage theme, with little boxes, tins, candles and wicker baskets!

Here's a few pictures of my room below.. :) Click on the photo to be brought through a slideshow.



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