Cinderellas Slippers!

Slippers... If Cinderella had them I certainly want to jump on that bandwagon, or in this case, pumpkin. 

I adore these (now vintage) slippers of my mothers which she has had for-ever! 

They are black velvet with Asian influenced design. My mum wears these as actual slippers, ie around the house, but this trend is no longer house bound. Slippers are everywhere and are now worn in the same  format of pumps or any usual flats, and you know something is on trend when it gets a new category dedicated to it online. 

Designers are going mad for these, but these are my favourite.... on a budget of course!

Oh and please note I am avoiding the plain slippers just covered studs, cute, but overdone.
Links and prices for each relevant item below the pic. Click on the description to be brought straight to the web page. 

(A definite favourite)


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