Trick of the week- Necklace as a belt.

Our most recent trick of the week is wearing a necklace as a belt.

Its all about thinking of how one item of clothing, or accessory, can have more than one purpose.

For this weeks trick, you pick a long chain and wrap it around a high wasted skirt. If you worried it will slip down, clip the hook of the necklace onto the zip on the back of your skirt (if you have one).

If you have a crochet jumper or a loose top with holes, you can also inter twine the chain through the top to create a belted effect. Just be careful the necklace doesn't catch on the top and pull any threads!

I picked a twisted silver necklace, worn with a full length high waisted ribbed black jersey skirt, with a white T-Shirt tucked in. Pictured below.

Pair a gold chain link necklace with a flared skirt for a night time look.


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