The trickery of clothing- Steve Madden Shoes

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I love the idea of changing clothing from its usual requirements. Its daily duties redefined.

I like to do the unexpected with clothing and accessories. My friends still remember the time I wore a pair of lace knickers (which I altered- obviously) as a boob tube, and tucked into a ruched strapless cream top which I wore as a high waisted skirt. Nobody else even noted, when they commented on my 'dress' ....

Shoes and bracelets.

Creating the illusion of a shoe with a ankle strap, pick a basic heel and pair it with a bracelet around each ankle. This look is easiest pulled off with least suspicion when you pick the same colour for the shoe and the bracelet. See below, my statuesque emerald green shoe, paired with green bracelets with gold charms (these guys are so hard working they also double up as hair ties). 


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