Layering - The coat way

The weather is still very bitter in London. I'm always a huge fan of layering as I can never decide if I'm too hot or too cold. Recently rather than my heavy green knee length All Saints coat Ive started layering 2 coats. The best way to do this is to layer a regular coat with a fur gilet.

There are two ways I wear this:

1) Fur gillet under the coat looks good because although it bulks you up you can see the fur collar peeping out under the jacket. I wear this option when its really cold as the fur between myself and my other coat really insulates well.

2) When its not as cold I put the fur gilet over the jacket. I personally wear a brown jacket that has black leather sleeves. So when I put the gilet on top you just see the black leather sleeves.

Try it out yourself! It really works and there are so many options available....


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