Socks and sandals? A yes or a no?

How do you feel about socks paired with sandals? Cute? Or not so much? Does it come across as dainty... or clumsy? 

We think the right sock/sandal combo can be a cute look... its vintage, and alternative!! 

Socks and sandals used to be a 'geeky' look. Such are the wheels of fashion these days, that Geek is the new sheek. 

Its now a on trend look, along with the likes of huge 90's glasses (like what my mother used to wear in photos when I was about 4/5/6) and brogues which have swung a full 360 from being a masculine choice in shoe. The fashion world is currently glorifying all things geek. Lets be honest who hasnt seen the topshop, river island jumpers emblazoned with ''geek'' and ''preppy''. 

We think this look is best with bare legs, shorts and a nonchalant top... anything to formal will not suit this look, and it works with either flats or heels. For example it looks great with woven leather brogues or a pair of Mary-Janes (classic, innocent, 'girl next door' shoes- aka nothing to raunchy)! It needs to be sweet and innocent. :) And dont play it too 'matchy matchy'. I paired my grey printed topshop socks with my beige stylistpick shoes. 

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