Pretty little things

Its always so interesting to look inside other peoples wardrobes and at their jewelry collections... Below is my mothers. Its manic, and its all piled in on top of each other but its really great.

Disorganisation features but beautiful jewellery reigns. Sometimes the messiest of displays are in fact the ones you would rather stare at all day, the ones you respect more, for those who are not similar but still pair well are the ones to respect most. After all, opposites attract.

An abundance of necklaces and hair slides, earrings and broaches, unique pieces from all over the world all coming together and matching and unconformed, non 'clicky' way.

Ambers, greens, blues, and purples. Silver, tarnished metals and golds. Vintage, high street, one of kind pieces. Stones, metals, plastic and jewels, rocks and pearls, it all comes together in a delightful mish-mash.
Pictures below.


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