We love hats

Since working with Deanna Gibbons in San Francisco I have had a stronger passion for hats than before. The above pic is my mothers hat which I was allowed to ''borrow'' under the agreement I looked after it, and I really love the edge that it gives an outfit. You can dress so much more 'simple' and pair it with a hat and it really give the whole look a good kick! Plus not everyone is brave enough to wear a hat so it sets you out from the crowd.

I went for a interview with Net a Porter before, and although I didn't get the job, I did get through a few stages of the group interview, with everyone commenting on my hat, including those who were interviewing me. It started with about 40 people and I think straight away it gave me much more of a memorable 'face'. People always define and categorise people, whether sub conscious or not. So I really beleive it made it easier for them to say ''the girl with the hat'' this sets me apart more than the ''small brown haired girl''. Much like someone with bright pink hair. 

Some of our favourite hats below.


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