Pick of the week - Mango Jacket

This weeks pick of the week is this Mango Jacket, with a Aztec print and chain detailing around the neck this jacket will be perfect for summer evening and layering over other printed items. Its one of those items you buy on holiday and wear it with loose harem pants or a long skirt, when your style seems to excel in a extremely casual manner and you feel so much cooler than you would when your back home.

Pair in a eclectic, 'disorganised' fashion- with heavy necklaces, loose ethnic print clothing and strappy sandals. This pattern suits being with a rich colour palette, such as reds, burnt oranges and emerald greens.

Mango has been up and down for a while, but I really fancy this 'tourist' range. Priced at £54.90.

Click on the link below:
Mango ethnic fabric chains jacket


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